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Social Media Management Packages
  • Trying to grow your blog or business?
  • Overwhelmed by all of the social media channels out there?
  • Lacking inspiration and don't know what to post?
  • Know that you need to be more present on social media but just don't have the time?
  • Could your time and efforts simply be directed somewhere better?

What If You Could…

…find someone you trust to take care of your social media whilst you focus on your blog or business?

Well, look no further. Here at Flourishing Freelancer, we offer social media management packages to suit any sized blog or business in any industry or niche. 

By reviewing and updating your social media accounts, we ensure that they are optimised to attract more followers, customers and more shares and “likes”. 

We then review your current social media activity and draw up a custom strategy tailored to meet your exact needs and engage your target audience. No one-size-fits-all approach here! We then take care of implementing that strategy and engaging with your audience so that you’re free to take care of business.

Here’s What You’ll Get

  • Initial questionnaire + consultation
  • Review of your current social accounts*
  • Updating + optimising current social accounts*
  • Tracking + monthly reporting
  • Promotional Tweets from our own account**
  • Plus the package you choose from below

£100 per month

All of the above plus:

  • 2 social accounts managed
  • 7 posts per week (total)***
  • 1 hour of engagement per week
  • 1 month minimum

£200 per month

All of the above plus:

  • 3 social accounts managed
  • 10 posts per week (total)***
  • 2 hours of engagement per week
  • 3 extra images/quotes per week
  • 2 months minimum

£350 per month

All of the above plus:

  • 4 social accounts managed
  • 15 posts per week (total)***
  • 4 hours of engagement per week
  • 3 extra images/quotes per week
  • 1 blog post/article for your site
  • 2 months minimum

* The number of social accounts that will be reviewed and updated/optimised will depend on the number of social accounts managed within the package you choose. E.g. if you choose the bronze package, we will review and optimise the 2 social accounts that we will be managing within that package.

**Regardless of which package you choose, we will publish 2 promotional tweets from our own account that mention your blog/business account.

***Posts will include a mixture of promotional materials, articles, images and videos.

Want More Information?

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What if I want something that isn’t listed?
Here at Flourishing Freelancer, we believe that your social media management services should provide exactly what your blog or business needs. That’s why we offer custom packages too. If you’re interested in a custom package, get in touch using our enquiry page and we’ll set up an initial consultation completely free of charge.


Will you set up my social media accounts for me?
If you don’t have social media accounts set up already, or you just want to start afresh, we can set up new accounts for you. For Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the cost is £15.00 per account. For Pinterest the cost is £30.00 but this also includes setting up your boards. 


Do you work with blogs/businesses in any industry or niche?
The simple answer is “yes”. During the initial consultation and the reviewing and planning stage, we will take the time to get to know your blog/business and your target audience. We will carefully research and curate content suitable to your industry or niche. 

We do, however, have our own guidelines on the types of businesses and blogs that we work with. For example, we won’t work with blogs/businesses that promote racism, homophobia, are political in nature or are otherwise against our principles at Flourishing Freelancer.

How do I make payments and will my payments be secure?
All payments will be made securely via PayPal (in accordance with the payment terms of your contract). 

We will include the relevant payment details in our invoices to you. 


Which social media platforms do you work with?
We currently offer social media management services of Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. 

If you are interested in services for other platforms, please let us know as we will be considering expanding the options available to clients in the near future.


How do you schedule my social media posts?
We like to schedule posts ahead of time. It helps us to manage your account as well as our time and ensure that we post at the optimum times for your target audience.

If your blog or business already uses a social media scheduling tool, we will request access to that account.

If you don’t already have a social media scheduling tool, we will happily set one up for you. We currently recommend Hootsuite or SmarterQueue, depending on your needs. There are various free and paid options available which we will discuss with you at the initial review and planning stage.


For more FAQs (and answers!), please download the full brochure below.

Request the full brochure here

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