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Love writing? Want to be a better blogger/freelancer/general writer? Want to make money from your writing?

If the answer was “yes” to any of those questions then you’re in the right place my friend!

Flourishing Freelancer was launched as a one-stop-shop for all things writing – from setting up your own blog, to launching a successful freelancing career. It is about having a community of creative minds, writers, bloggers and generally awesome people. It’s about giving you guys a place to find answers to your writing questions: What is SEO? How do I start a blog? What should I charge clients as a freelancer? What are the best tools online for writers to use? How do I manage my time? How do I make money?

I want you to follow your dreams; I believe that everyone deserves to be happy, everyone deserves to look forward to Monday morning; everyone deserves the chance to do what they love.

Where Did it All Start?

In 2014 I launched a personal blog and fell in love with writing all over again. I knew that writing was what I wanted to do pretty much every day if I could (read as, “If I could make money off it”). I wrote a lot of random posts, determined not to confine myself into a niche but I struggled to gain regular followers and my site traffic was poor. The more I researched into building a better blog and growing my following, the more I realised how much the “background stuff” interested me so I started reading and researching more and more out of interest.

The main thing I found when I was doing that research was just how much information is out there and, rather frustratingly, how conflicting and confusing it all is. So, I decided to help people like me and create a little bit of the internet where you can find information and advice on building and growing your own blog. As I researched, tried, failed, tried again, and succeeded, I recorded my thoughts and findings on this site (as a draft, long before it was even launched). Use my blog posts and resource library to find everything you need develop yourself and your career as a blogger, writer or general badass solopreneur. If you’re looking for something a little more, you can also check out the FF courses. 

Where Does Freelancing Come in?

Like I mentioned, I love writing but, at the moment I can’t do it all day every day. I have a lot of student and post-graduate study debt to pay off so I didn’t have the option of simply giving up my job and hoping things would work out. Even if I tried really hard. Instead, I juggle. I juggle working full time, writing my personal blog, writing content for this site and everything that goes alongside writing – social media, planning, marketing…the list goes on but I don’t want to give you everything right here, right now!

Sorry, slightly off point there.

Anyway, the point is, I needed to start making extra money to reduce my debt to a point where I can go full-time with writing (I’m not quite there but I’ll be sharing this journey with you). The obvious choice for me, as a lover of writing, was to freelance. Like blogging, the internet is an ocean of baffling and inconclusive articles on how to build yourself a portfolio, find clients, quit your job, earn millions, and rule the world. OK, so I got a bit carried away there but you get the picture. There are posts that tell you becoming a freelancer is impossible and there are others that promise that you can quit your job within 2-4 weeks. I’m not saying that either is wrong but Flourishing Freelancer is about me sharing my journey – what worked, what didn’t and how I did it all.

So, Who Am I?

I’ve told you a little about myself already but here’s a quick whirlwind tour of who I am:

I’m Dani (we’ve probably covered that one already), I’m 29 and currently living in London working for a Sports Charity. I studied Law and International Relations at University and then qualified as a Solicitor three years later. I hated the work/life balance (or lack thereof) and, having always done some sort of charity work in my spare time, decided that I would pursue a career in the charity sector. That’s where I am now. I’m also an ambassador for the Raising Hope Foundation, a charity working with children in Ghana, and a blogger.

So, why writing/blogging/freelancing? Well, I love my current job but the dream is to travel. To see the world, experience new cultures and become location independent. To really live life. The first step is clearing the huge amounts of debt 20 years of education have left me in! I’ll share more about this within the more personal pages of this site. I know a lot of you are here for the advice and step-by-step guides, not a minute-by-minute run of my poor life choices!

And in the time between working and writing? I like to run, read, eat (and cook if I can find the time) and watch films. Oh, and travel. Did I mention that one? In fact, that little profile photo that you see everywhere is taken at one of the happiest points in my life – on a whale watching trip in Australia.

Fancy a Chat?

Don’t forget, I’m a real person (there’s even a real-life photo of me just up there!) You can contact me here. Let me know how you’re getting on. If you have any questions or you’re just looking for some feedback, please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you.

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