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201 Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

Do you feel stuck?

💎Are you spending hours and hours creating amazing content but feeling like no one is seeing it?

💎Does your blog traffic need a boost?

💎Do you want a friendly environment to meet other, like-minded bloggers and entrepreneurs?

💎Do you have blogging and business questions that you want answering and ideas that you need feedback on?

💎Then the answer you could be looking for is Facebook Groups!

201 Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs 2018

Are You Using Facebook Groups to Promote Yourself?

For a long time, I was creating great content but, regardless of the hours I was putting into my blog posts and freebies, I just wasn’t getting much traffic.

I started experimenting with different social media platforms and that was when I discovered the power of Facebook Groups.

Not only did my page views increase from around 5 views per day to over 200 in just 3 days, but I also found amazing support and encouragement within those groups I had become part of.

I’ve spent a lot of time researching and scoping out hundreds of groups and pulled together a list of 201 groups for bloggers and entrepreneurs just for you. I’ve split them out into 10 categories to help you find the best ones for you. And, to make things even easier for you, all groups on this list are live hyperlinks so you can click straight through from the PDF to the group!

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